how to detect and clean malware dns changer

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how to detect and clean malware dns changer - Recently the FBI was forced to shut down the server is assumed to be infiltrated cyber criminals. About 300 thousand people in the United States and Britain lost internet access.

FBI criminal groups that smuggle membongar virus to infect 4 million victims. The victims are generally not aware that when they access a server, they are actually transferred to other existing ad server. Of the group's ads profitable at least U.S. $ 14 billion

Based on FBI records, the following 10 countries are infected with DNS Changer:
  1. AS - 69 517
  2. Italy - 26 494
  3. India - 21 302
  4. England - 19 589
  5. Germany - 18 427
  6. France - 10 454
  7. China - 10 304
  8. Spain - 10 213
  9. Canada - 8924
  10. Australia - 8518

    How To Know If Computer / Networking pal Infected By Malware DNS CHANGER, Friends Can Go to website, If it is green means Image Computer Friends Safe, But If Ber-red color means that Computer Friends Taxable Infection by Malware this crazy

    If the computer is infected, it's been a lot of small tools or software that we can use to repair or remove this malware. One of them use artificial tools which can be downloaded from Avira this link AviraDNSRepairEN.exe (1:22 MB). In addition to these tools there are many other alternatives that could be used, more able to see this website / fix

    Once the computer is cleaned of malware, not necessarily the work was in order. Because the DNS settings or settings that caused by the virus, probably still has not changed and maybe we need to change to manual settings. To change the DNS settings on the computer, we can read the steps on google about the use of public DNS.

    • Hitman Pro (32bit and 64bit versions)
    • Kaspersky Labs TDSSKiller
    • McAfee Stinger
    • Microsoft Windows Defender Offline
    • Microsoft Safety Scanner
    • Norton Power Eraser
    • Trend Micro Housecall
    • MacScan
    • Avira

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